In 2040, World War III happened, nation boondocks changed, present day war progressed to another period after Minister of Defense marked an agreement with CS Corporation to perform extend Dead Target: change detainees into super battle executioners. However CS sold out and undermine to trigger a zombie flare-up if the president does not take after their request.

The nation’s fate is getting closer when CS tainted an entire city to demonstrate that they are not kidding. An extraordinary commando group was procured to head to the cutting edge and gather data before the armed force can open the counter assault – operation Apocalypse. Excessively awful everything happened, you and operators M are the main survivor on the course. Break your route through the dead zone, salvage operators M and go to fortification area or you will join your dead siblings. Be cautious with the space around, the strolling dead anticipates a saint.

Dead Target is a FPS game where you can:

– Witness the staggering 3d representation with nitty gritty compositions

– Enjoy the reasonable sound impact and music

– Slay zombies in style with epic weapon framework

– Upgrade your riggings to face the promising new zombies waves

– Discover the expansive game world with different areas

– Complete all accomplishments and missions to rival your companions

– Set your nerve to the most abnormal amount to manage distinctive zombie sorts

– Interact with the nature’s turf to safeguard your position and stay alive


– Dead Target is allowed to play, you can set aside money and get all the more influential weapons

– Enjoy the inclination of killing expansive strike of zombies pushing to you.

– Choose your approach to pulverize all the zombies: expect to the heads, hack the appendage and send them to the sky with explosive.

– New substance upgraded frequently


– 3d representation with reasonable lighting from Unity motor

– Ragdoll actualized to present to you the top epic feeling ever

– Guns have distinctive sound impacts to speak to their genuine adaptations

– Various natural sound to make the best immersive gameplay


– The zombies accompany numerous structures and capacities

– Some zombies can be amazingly risk with debilitated infection

– Sometimes shooting at the head is not the most ideal way, reconsider before choose to assault


– Multiple weapon sorts offered (rifle, shotgun, machine, projectile launcher

– Keep positioning up to open the deadliest firearms

– Some weapons can be powerless to a few sorts of zombie yet may be solid against the others, generally keep you prepared

– Feel like your weapon is not solid enough ? Update it or purchase another one or essentially buy helps from the store

– Choosing the right support (no reload, boundless shot, expand shoot rate, harm, and so on… ) will make you the dominator on combat zone


– Complete missions to rank up and open more cool things

– Need gold or money to purchase something? Continue finishing accomplishments and gather rewards

– Weird accomplishments are dependably the most astounding paid


– Compare your advancement with your companions, get over them to go a head

– Connect to Google+ and Facebook to impart what you have done

– Reach to the top in your companion rundown and other worldwide players


– Prevent zombies escape and cross to the safe zone

– Clear zombies in a doctor’s facility for treatment research

– Stop zombies from entering the metro system and spread over the city

– Defend a bleeding edge that got broke

– Investigate a jail where the episode started

– Pay thoughtfulness regarding the items around you, they may be the way to survival, a solitary exact shot can trigger a blast that can spare you in the perfect time

Clubhouse SYSTEM

– Spin the lucky wheels to gather reward thing

– Keep turning to get an opportunity to win uncommon helps

– Free twists accessible habitually, check the clubhouse all the more frequently to know when you can get one

Least equipment prerequisite:

– Screen Size: 480×800

– CPU: 2 Core 800mhz

– Memory: 512MB

Disclaimer: This download is for personal use (mobile phones) only. Kindly do not copy, modify, distribute or sell the whole or parts of this file without permission of the creator.
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DEAD TARGET: Zombie v1.0.0.8 – Windows Phone
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