Best Sci-Fi Shooter Game. Do you relinquish yourself for humankind? Download Now!

Turned into the last any desire for humanity in an emotional war against insubordinate machines. Shoot huge amounts of slugs, investigate extraordinary urban communities and thrashing a deadly supervisor in a definitive fight.

Energizing gimmicks:

battle against unlimited waves of digital – adversaries,

amazing illustrations,

fast paced shooting knowledge,

experience epic story in world possessed by machines,

rout a fabulous supervisor and turn into a savior of social orders,

10 fantastic weapons available to you in fight,

urban surroundings as an issue,

purchase new additional weapons and spread termination,

tune your shield and stand extreme against adversaries,

rout adversaries with deadly explosives,

safeguard each corner of the city

Conceived of Treacherous Machines

In removed future humans couldn’t adapt to wars and war zones – they required help. A misconstrued virtuoso – Wolfgang Deus Zart – proposed to assemble a multitude of cyborgs and robots. Expectation was unadulterated – to spare human lives. Anyway the impacts astounded everybody…


After years of thriving and peace, after a century without even one human loss on the forefront, cutting edge issues have investigated the eyes of human countries. New adversary was conceived, through years he picked up quality directly under the human eyes. Our robot servants got to be seekers. They attempted to slaughter each human and creature, even deers in woodlands weren’t protected.

The War

Humanity battled on every war zone attempting to spare their lives. Unique gatherings of commando were call to battle on our side; even them, those extraordinary strengths prepared in counter battles and deadly strikes, couldn’t satisfy their duty and help residents survive their free lifes, without gathering any shooter, using their lifes on playing around. Many were dead and disfigured. This was a trigger of more sensational occasions. Indeed players of fps game were sent to the war zones. Cutting edge weapons were so feeble it would have been impossible help them, fighting took startling course – course of the battle was never the same.


Individuals took shelter in gigantic modern urban areas called safe houses, encompassed by extreme weapons, tanks and planes prepared to battle in a battle for their fate. Everybody existed scared. Fate of each living being was undermined. The mass and gravity of promising new occasions would have an impact on everyone.

– client experience made stride

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