Photo Gallery password-ensures your photographs and features, see and alter your own photographs and watch features from inside of its safe interface.


You can import feature and pictures from the Gallery, SD Card and download them safely utilizing the protected browser.You additionally have the choice to catch features and pictures from inside of its safe interface.


Uplifting news: Secure Photo Gallery Pro has been released,included

. All the more new subjects

. Frenzy switch

. No Ads.



  • Protect private photographs
  • Hide delicate features
  • Photo supervisor (apply channels, harvest, obscure impact, introduction & conformity)
  • Slide show support
  • Apply obscure impact to photographs
  • Record feature from the application’s interface
  • Multiple export, import and move choices
  • Create customized collections
  • Organize photographs and features in numerous collections
  • Three security Credentials (password, PIN & design)
  • Decoy Mode (fake client)
  • Camouflage (fake dispatch tile)
  • Secure Browser (no perusing history spared)
  • Brute power assault counteractive action
  • Multiple topics
  • Takes pictures on unapproved login endeavors


Import choices:

  • Download photographs & features from Secure Browser
  • Import from the Gallery
  • Capture photographs & features from Camera
  • Import from SD Cards


View & Edit Photos

  • Picture Viewer for Photos
  • Photo manager
  • Photos obscure impact


Feature Player

  • Watch features


Settings and Options:

  • Hacker Deterrents
  • Decoy Mode (Fake Password)
  • Brute power assault counteractive action
  • Takes pictures of unapproved clients
  • Backup of accreditations


Note: Secure Photo Gallery ensures you that every one of your records are put away just in your telephone and we don’t have admittance to any of you’re substance.


Windows Phone 8 Limitations:

Windows Phone does not permit all document configurations to be foreign from SD card, that is the reason, when you need to import records, please verify that the organization is upheld.

Include “.spg” toward the end of document name to import records from the SD card.

For instance: Your document name is “abc.mp3”, transform it “abc.mp3.spg”

Disclaimer: This download is for personal use (mobile phones) only. Kindly do not copy, modify, distribute or sell the whole or parts of this file without permission of the creator.
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Secure Photo Gallery v1.0.1.0 – Windows Phone
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