Noom Walk is a pedometer that tallies your steps constantly without executing your battery:

✔ Automatically tallies steps, 24/7

✔ Uses under 2% of your battery (During a full 24 hours of utilization, Noom Walk utilizes the same measure of battery as 20 minutes of screen showcase or only 3 minutes of GPS.)

✔ Motivates you and your companions with remarks & high fives

✔ 100% free, no outer equipment needed

Noom Walk is the best pedometer accessible for the Android stage. It checks your steps and tells you when you’ve arrived at every day step tally records. You’ll be told when new companions join, and you can just visit their profiles to empower them with high fives and comments.

Disclaimer: This download is for personal use (mobile phones) only. Kindly do not copy, modify, distribute or sell the whole or parts of this file without permission of the creator.
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Noom Walk Pedometer 1.0.18 – Android Phones
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